Monday, October 5, 2009

A Puddle Stomping Day

It's a gray, overcast, rain coming down, put on your puddle stomping boots and run outside to play sort of a day!

Anna and Josie had fun and got soaking wet, as you can imagine. Ruthie had more fun playing with the umbrella handle and touching wet leaves.
We even followed the rain puddles and the trail of fall leaves all the way down to the creek, which was pretty high, the water swirling rapidly downstream. Not the lazy clarity of warm late summer water. At the creek autumn has definitely arrived, the water is chilly and dark and splashed with the color of brilliant fall leaves. The girls had fun throwing sticks in the water, watching them float upstream caught in an eddy for a moment, then getting caught by the current, spun around and whisked away.
They were chilled to the bone by the time I talked them into coming back inside so of course we had to make some hot foamy milk.
Josie took a turn frothing:
And then Anna:
And the results, with a dash of cinnamon, were delicious and warmed us all up right down to our toes!
Even little Ruthie tried a lick:

And liked it!
What could be better?
I hope your day is filled with fall, both the outside fun and the inside times of cozy comfort. Throw a stick in a creek and watch it float upstream, and then continue to watch as it gets caught, swirls around and around and floats away out of sight downstream. Somehow in that space of watching and stillness there is room to hear things that we forget to listen for in the chaos of our everyday lives.

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akamilby said...

Caroline says: can we make that? Ym! That looks like a lot of fun. You're such a good Mom Kates, to take them out in the rain, and then warm them up afterwards. And furthermore, I would like to say:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I hope it's a good one!