Friday, October 16, 2009

All in a Days Work

Our day included lots of jumping by Josie:Crafting:Bike riding in the warm sun:Rocking in the rocking chair, (Ruthie's discovered what rocking chairs are for besides climbing on to reach other things):
Painting:Head stands:Baby dolls had to be cared for: More bike riding by Mitch (notice the new size 51 biking shoes!):

And me? What did I do? I was definitely a participant in every one of the above activities, but I also got to make Pot Roast for dinner, Apple Crisp for dessert, had my own bike ride with the three girls to go pick up our milk, and I even had time to just sit on the warm porch before dinner. Just sit? When was the last time that happened? I couldn't tell you, but I sure enjoyed it.


akamilby said...

The kids are going to love seeing this post! I can't wait to share your series of pictures with them. Josie Joy, you're a high jumper, and you look like an expert bike rider and baby mama! Miss Anna, I can't believe you can do a head stand. Wow! That's impressive! Ruthie you can rock! Well done! I love the craft and painting pictures too. You girls are truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your day. Miss invisible mama, putting it all together (oh and I liked Mitch's new shoes too), you are really the amazing one, and I'm glad you got to sit down in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Finally, I couldn't get the comment box to open! What a fun day. Josie Joy you are a jumping girl. I want to tickle the tummy of that upside down girl and go "snuggle, snuggle, rock, rock" with that little rocking sweetie. Glad you are still getting some sun.
love you,