Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Treasure Walk

With treasure bags in hand we set out today looking for fall treasures. We headed first towards a new picnic spot the girls wanted to eat at that we had seen on our walk yesterday, a large rock 'table' of sorts. We passed under a raucous flock of crows by the creek, tromped through as many crunchy leaves as we could find, ran down a slope of colorful leaves, found sticks, acorns, rocks and lots of beautiful leaves, threw things in the creek, saw some trout in the creek close to the surface of the water and watched their strange behavior for a while (one kept 'attacking' another one', Anna said they must be friends), touched, hugged and smelled almost as many trees as we passed under, crawled into a culvert, saw our swimming hole-now much deeper with all the rain and snow we've had- listened to the wind in the tops of the trees, felt the warm sunshine on our skin, made Ruthie laugh, and generally had a good time. We spread out our treasures on the grass once we got home so we could look at what we had found:

Then we went inside, some to nap and some to craft with their treasures.


April said...

I LOVE fall! The acorns and leaves are beautiful! Can't wait to see what they make with them.

akamilby said...

That is so funny: that's what we did yesterday, took a fall treasures walk! I took my camera and took a few pictures that I'll try to post later since I haven't uploaded them yet. Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

This is precious and such a wonderful idea!
Tell Anna I have a blouse exactly like her pretty purple dress!