Monday, October 12, 2009

The Year of the Purple

According to the Chinese this is actually the year of the ox, but I swear in our house it is the year of the purple, the dark purple, to be exact, according to Anna. Maybe the dark purple ox? I'm liking it, though. Purple is a good color if you're going to have an obsession. (It could be far worse, it could be the year of the light pink!) The rest of us in the house who don't feel so strongly about our own favorite colors, or lack of favorite color, tend to defer to Anna's favorite color since she is so passionate about it. Dark purple is beginning to show up with greater and greater frequency in all parts of the house and in all of our wardrobes but Anna's clothing, or at least the clothing that she wears, is purple, all shades of purple but especially dark purple.

Even this counts as purple:More dark purple (and Ruthie's shirt has a lot of purple on it, which is why it got chosen):In case you were wondering, yes, these are outfits from consecutive days, dark purple, dark purple, dark purple and more dark purple!


akamilby said...

That is too funny. That they were consecutive days made me laugh aloud. I completely understand, being the mother of a purple lover myself. Caroline loves to choose purple clothes for me, although sometimes I say no when it's a purple summer dress on rainy day. And I don't think Jack owns a purple shirt, or I'm sure she'd be choosing it for him too! In fact, I'm sure if we ever see a shirt with some purple on it in his size, we'll definitely have to buy it for him. And Jack is well trained by his sister: he points out purple to her everywhere. Not so helpful when we're shopping and "Caroline would like that Mom," about all purple items. Not actually my shopping criteria:)

katie said...

From the grocery store the other day we came home with dark purple Kohlrabi, dark purple cabbage and dark purple beets from the vegetable section because I asked Anna to help me choose some veggies:)

Anonymous said...

I totally missed this post. I also love purple. Good choice Anna. I will have to bring all my purple clothes with me.
love you,

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing my dark purple dress today! And this is my dress that I wear on the airplanes. Anna would love it!
Miss you,