Monday, May 24, 2010


Graduation was a great celebration for us as a family, but as with most graduations, one of the down sides is that it means saying good-bye to some friends.

Those of you who have read this blog often have seen references to our friend Hashim Alhamad from time to time as well as his frequent comments to posts. Outside of our immediate family, Hashim is the person I have spent the most time with over the past three years (Katie knew that if she needed to get hold of me she could just call Hashim's cell phone). We met after one of our Statics classes my first semester at CU. We were both commiserating a blown quiz from the class that had just finished with the infamous Professor Dow (who you will often hear quoted with fondness if you are around the two of us together for very long). From that point on we worked on numerous labs, group projects and homework assignments together. Then last fall we spent nearly the entire semester together working on the same team for our Senior Design Project. We designed a pumping station for a water reuse system. Hashim was responsible for the structural design while I designed the hydraulic systems.

Hashim was selected out of high school as one of fifty students in Saudi Arabia to receive a full ride scholarship from the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC). Out of this already elite group, Hashim was recently awarded an honor for highest academic achievement and was selected to sit with the company CEO at the dinner for their re-entry orientation. Now that Hashim has graduated, he has returned to Saudi Arabia to work for SABIC. We are excited for him for the opportunities he has ahead, but we will definitely miss him. It will seem very odd to go to classes next fall and not have Hashim there.

The night before he left to return to Saudi Arabia we had Hashim over for dinner one last time along with his father, Ahmed; his roommate, Shawn (front right); another good friend and fellow civil engineering student, Rebecca; and Rebecca's boyfriend, Ben (red hair).

Whenever Hashim would come over for dinner he would always bring berries for Anna, Josie and Ruthie. He knew how much they loved them. Indeed they were usually devoured in minutes. This time he also brought gifts from the trip he and his father and brother had just taken to San Francisco. This is a picture of Anna completing the puzzle Hashim gave her. I think she likes it.

This picture was taken by Rebecca in the fall of our junior year (2008). I met Adam (on the right) at the same time that I met Hashim. The two of them were already good friends. The three of us have spent a lot of time working together over the past three years.

Hashim has been a great friend these past three years. Often we knew what the other was thinking without it needing to be said and could often finish each other's sentences. Not only is Hashim an exceptional student, but he has extremely high character. I think we have learned a lot from each other in our time together.
Our whole family will miss you, Hashim. Best wishes as you move on to the next stage in life in Saudi Arabia. We know you will do well. Thank you for being a part of our family while you were here.

Vacation is Over

And summer has begun.
At least it feels that way to me.
Which is better? Vacation or summer? I love them both. They seem mostly synonymous this time of year. Vacation, in this family, meant Mitch not working or schooling (and me not blogging). Summer means sunshine. I like it best when they both go together.

For those of you who have wondered where we have been and what we have been spending our time doing:

We have been doing

Well, that's not really true. It can't be true in a house where three active little ones live. But we haven't gone anywhere and haven't done a lot of things that we normally count as normal in the daily rhythm of our hectic 'dad's in school' lives.
We HAVE been on lots of bike rides, spent lots of time in the garden now that we're finally past our frost date and can plant all the warmer weather crops!, gone to bed at a decent hour and gotten up at a decent hour, felt well rested!, played, laughed together all through our dinner meal, sat in the sunshine together, had a few normal bumps in the road that go with being in a time of transition between a crazy schedule and a normal, healthy, daily rhythm, had lots of family around, celebrated a graduation, said good-bye to a good friend who graduated and left the area, started a new summer job, enjoyed our morning coffee sitting on the couch together with both of us fully awake!, finished a ballet class...
And basically have fully embraced and enjoyed switching to a healthier rhythm of life for our family.

Congratulations, Mitch, on graduating with honors!

Hooray for Daddy'O!

Mitch with his brothers Chad and Jeb:

(Thanks for the pictures, Chad!)

Meeting my niece, little Maia Sage, for the first time:Windy bike rides with Jeanette, Michael, and Maia:

(Thanks for those pictures, Jeanette!)

See, we are still alive and quite well! Enjoying our days, laughing lots. Hooray for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Few Snapshots

Family photo from another banquet. Mitch recieved the Ketchum Award for being the top civil engineering student:


Ballet shows in the livingroom:

Anna's fancy hair, rag curlers:

Water play:

Naps by Daddy. Does that look relaxing to you?

Enjoy your own moments today.