Monday, August 15, 2011

Anna's 1st Day of School

Boy howdy was this girl excited today! I have never seen her ride her bike as fast anywhere as she rode on her way to her first day of school.Josie is already looking forward to her turn next year.
All grown up and still our baby girl, so many people, so much to overwhelm, still wanting to hold her Daddy's hand.

BCSIS has a Rose Ceremony to welcome everyone back. The teachers form a drum circle and sing as their welcome, the 5th graders give the Kindergarteners each a rose to welcome them into the community.

Then the parents make an archway and all the students pass through the arch on their way to their new classrooms. Kindergarten parents get to go through it with their Kindergartners.

I love how BCSIS marks special occasions with special ceremony, highlighting their importance in the life of your child, celebrating the milestones. We feel very welcomed into the BCSIS community.

Anna with her Daddy'O, she's still looking a bit nervous and intimidated here.

And with Mommy. I'm so proud of my little girl.

It didn't take her long to feel comfortable and confident, just a few minutes of play on the playground and she was smiling and running around playing with her new classmates.

Anna doing a rhyming activity with her teacher, Mrs. Wells:

And reading with one of the para's:

Her first day is under her belt, a huge milestone in the life of this family. My firstborn, my little girl, taking steps away from the nucleus of this family, out on her own. It was fun to see her walk into her classroom with her teacher for her assessment so confident and secure, her eyes sparkling. That's my Anna.