Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pictures by Anna and Josie

I let the girls have fun with my camera one time last week and thought I'd share the pictures they took. I like looking at the world through their eyes and I like the images they captured.

Josie taking a picture with her camera, by Anna:

Ruthie in the hallway, by Anna:

Josie picking up acorn bags, by Anna (we were playing a game with them, tossing them into the shopping cart "basket" from a little ways away):

Mommy, by Josie:

Anna, by Josie:

Ruthie, by Josie:


Anonymous said...

I like the pictures you took, girls. What fun to see your world. Nice pictures of each other and even mommy and Ruthie. Thanks for sharing with me.
love you,
Grandma Jo

Michelle said...

pretty cool. i agree with you on the it fun yo see though their wold side

becky said...

way to go ladies! you both did a great job with the camera, i like seeing your pictures!

Michael and Jeanette said...

You girls are quite the photagraphers! Great pictures!