Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday Hike

Last Saturday we went for a hike up Green Mountain, my birthday hike. Our friends Jeremy and Patty were here visiting and went with us. Beautiful day, great company enjoying the stillness of the Fall mountains. Patty:

Jeremy spotted Anna while she climbed up this rock:

Here's the successful climbers again:

Josie showing you some of her 'treasures' that she found:
More Fall treasures:
Hiking along talking:

I had the camera the whole time and was having fun taking pictures. I really was there too, even if this is the only picture I have to prove it:

Anna climbing some more boulders:
Josie attempting to get where her victorious sister is:

Does it smell like vanilla, Anna? A beautiful Ponderosa Pine:
Josie was quite impressive hiking. She rode in the Ergo backpack the first part of the hike but then when the going got steep she wanted down and hiked all the rest of the way up to the top. Here she is hiking along with her Daddy'O:
Anna hiking:
At the top we got to witness the end of a ladybug migration. There were more ladybugs than I had ever seen in one place before, although I have heard this is nothing compared to when the weather was still warmer a month ago. They were in all the crevices of the rocks and literally covering the branches of the trees on top of Green Mountain. Josie is showing you:
Great hike. I loved being out in the mountains. We can see the top of Green Mountain from our front door, but it is a whole different experience being out on the mountain. We live in a city and although we live along the creek, which is quite a green corridor right through the heart of Boulder with plenty of foxes, raccoons, deer, lots of birds and other wildlife, we can still always hear the cars, sirens, voices and other human made sounds. I loved stopping along the way hiking and just listening to the sound of the wind in the tops of the pine trees, a few birds, and hearing nothing else. I also liked getting to spend a whole day with Jeremy and Patty and Mitch and feel grounded in good friendship again.


Michael and Jeanette said...

Somebody else is on the phone wishing you happy birthday-- I called just now and got a busy signal. So just in case I'm unable to get through later, ... ... ...

We love you and miss you and hope to see you soon! -Michael and Maia. Jeanette says "and Jeanette"

akamilby said...

I too hope that you had a wonderful birthday, and I'm glad that you got to have a birthday hike. That is certainly your cup of tea! I hope the actual day was just as fun. Good climbing Miss Anna! I like your treasures Josie!

Anonymous said...

Next time hand the camera to Mitch so we can see a picture of the birthday girl on her hike. You forgot to show Miss Wuffie hiking, but I can see that she is in the Ergo. Have a fun party with Miss 4 year old Anna. I think that I have a card headed your way.
love you all,