Saturday, October 31, 2009

Family Sabbath

We finally had a much needed break as a family in the last day. Whew! That means that the last two weeks are over and we made it through. Mitch had an intense work load, a big midterm project due (he put in 70 hours last week on one of 5 classes, I don't even know how many hours this week). When one person in a family feels that much stress, it effects the whole family. We were busy surviving, not doing extra things like blogging. But we are all feeling more whole and connected again as a family now after a relaxing day and a half. Last night we taught the girls how to play charades (a modified version) and they had a blast acting out what they were supposed to be without any words and trying to guess what the actor was. They caught on quick how to play! It was good to laugh as a family and spend quality time together. Then we had a slumber party in the living room. We turned all the lights out and Mitch and I told stories by candlelight and then we all snuggled off to sleep. Today was another relaxing day, Mitch's first full day off in a while. We took a good family walk along the creek and played on the shore of the pond upstream from us a ways. Good times. Enjoy the following blog posts, pictures from the last two weeks that I'm finally finding the time to post.

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akamilby said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you had a Sabbath, a break, a time to decompress, and to relax as a family. You all needed it! I hope this coming week will be relaxing and rejuvenating: that the girls will not be sick, and that you and Mitch will get to spend some time together. That's my prayer. Love you all lots!