Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Look who's Mommy's little helper at the kitchen sink:

They're standing on the crate in this picture, which is not very tall. Usually I give Ruthie a big captains chair to stand on. Ruthie is not a baby in her own mind, she's a big girl and wants to be treated like one. She wants to see everything that is going on above her head. Yes, anytime I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes now she wants up on a chair to 'wash' some dishes herself, which mostly involves lots of water everywhere. It does make the dishes easier now that she can participate and isn't crying at my feet to be picked up. Washing dishes is one thing that is impossible to do one handed. She also gives me more incentive to keep up with the dishes and not get too big of a pile next to the sink that she could topple, break, or contains sharp knives. The interesting part in our large kitchen is trying to reach the sink around Ruthie, and often around Ruthie and Josie, and trying to put any dishes away while they're still 'washing' since their chair closes off the cupboard and drawer where many of the dishes go. Fun times with my girls.


Hashim Alhamad said...

wow Katie, the second to last sentence really shows how difficult washing dishes can be!

Anonymous said...

How could that be Ruthie???! She is only 11 months old. I know cuz I am keeping track. That is the girl sleeping in my arms and now she wants to wash dishes. What a short year. Yes, I can imagine that this makes it difficult in your 'large' kitchen. Oh the fun of help. At least they are happy. Hard for us to remember that doing dishes can be fun.
love you,Mom

akamilby said...

Good luck washing your dishes! It's always nice to have your kids occupied and happy, but I can only imagine the close quarters in your "large" kitchen :) Cute pictures of your girlies!