Monday, November 23, 2009

In the Snow

These are all pictures I took last week of the girls playing in the snow. The snow is gone from all the sunny spots now, but still lingering in the shade.
Josie making a snow angel with an icicle in her hand: Eating the Snow:

Peeking at us through the milk door:

Playing with Ruthie through the milk door:

Anna, on our walk through the woods:


Michelle said...

Mittens, mittens, mittens at our house. And some fun recycled/repurposed games like jacks with wool bouncy balls. Don't tell the girls about the games, though, because I've got a feeling they might see one soon enough.
Your crafts and artwork are beautiful. When our overused, undersupported coat hooks gave way today, Nora immediately commented: "We could use a new coatrack like the girls have!" I think I'll put Sam on the job.

Michelle said...

I just wanted to say, HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becky said...

I've been working a lot with fabric strips lately, cutting things into long layers...for the making of christmas gifts. My crochet hook has been out quite a bit as well but again, i can't exactly tell you what for : )

becky said...

i just realized i left the above comment in the wrong spot, i was really replying to your question about crafting... But I love the snow pictures, particularly the one of josie eating it, oh and the one where she is peeking through the door! and anna has a beautiful smile!

akamilby said...

How fun to play in the snow! We got our first dusting last Friday, and Jack was dying to go home and play in it, so finally Trace took both kids home. I wish I could have been there to see the fun (although it was nice to get some uninterrupted work done:) ), because they went sledding in the little bit of slush in the driveway. They were so excited! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thinking of you all!