Thursday, November 12, 2009

You Little Stinker!

Ruthie, you are a little stinker! Watch this video for a good laugh:
I love how she crawls so fast to get where she's going, then stops and looks back at her Dad and giggles.
What is making you smile today?


Kim said...

Ruthie is Calvin's kind of gal! Smiles, giggles, and physical feats. :)

BTW, the sweater of Calvins that you had asked about was a hand-me down. (A total score!) It is obviously hand knit, and has a zipper up the back (with a cute tassle) that goes from bottom to half way up the hood. It makes the sweater so you can just kind of walk into it. It is his favorite sweater. The yarn is acrillic, but I would love to try to knit one in a cotton-wool blend. I am currently on the lookout for the pattern (though not actively looking yet, I confess). Just keepin' my eyes open. It is a great sweater.

Miss you Clements! Hope to make a trip to CO in the next year or so, perhaps we can reunite! (also, a long shot, but we will be in Auburn for Thanksgiving...)

Michael and Jeanette said...

Ruthie, that ladder doesn't go all the way to heaven. There's better ways to meet Jesus.

Jo Miller said...

okay, let's see if I did wrong what I think I did wrong and if this comment works.
That is the best video. Thanks so much.

katie said...

Mom, you are right, during the day I mostly have to turn the chair on its side if I don't want to be right there to supervise:)

akamilby said...

This made me laugh today! I had a little girl that always wanted to climb like this, even when little. The thing that always amazed me is that she would keep going even when she got hurt. Climb to the top of the couch, fall off, get hurt, and then do it again anyway. Is Ruthie like that? She is certainly quite a climber!

Faith Alterton said...

So cute! I love her little laugh. Our boys watched with me and twenty-month John was just chucking and babbling about "see baby". Don't you love how they never realize that they are small too?