Sunday, November 8, 2009

Milk Door

We discovered the milk door that leads from my kitchen/dining room straight into the girls' playhouse! Back in the 50's this is where the milkman left the milk every morning, now it is where Mama collects mail from her two little girls:) This is my favorite piece of mail yet. Drawn on the front and back of some of Mitch's scratch paper from school, on the front of it Anna wrote her own name and then "I love you" (I-heart-U):On the back she wrote 'Mom':I love it. That just warms my little mama heart. I love that as Anna and Josie put mail for me in the box they're yelling at me to come get my mail. As soon as I get it they both run inside to read/show me what it says in a flurry of excitement, hand gestures and giggles. Then they run to the drawer for more paper, then they're off back outside composing more mail for mama. The mail box only makes it more fun, it doesn't really save them any time in the delivery. That's all part of the fun.


akamilby said...

What a fun find! That's the most kid friendly find I've seen for a while. Wow, Anna does a great job writing! That's an amazing piece of mail. You are a well loved mama. I heart you too :)

Hashim Alhamad said...

Scratch paper from our probability class last semester!