Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Show

'The Show' had no name and I don't remember the plot, only plenty of laughter on the part of both the audience and the actors, so in the future it will only be referred to as 'The Show'. My favorite part of The Show was when granny first appeared and Ruthie's chin dropped, her mouth hung open and her eyes stared big and round, unmoving, for quite a long time. Until I grinned at her. Then she moved, laughed, wiggled, walked over to me and wanted up immediately so she could grab this granny's spectacles and hat with both hands all at the same time and just eat them up.

The Show:

The Dance, part of said Show by the granny, red pajama clad baby, rip-scrunch eating giraffe and pink dog:

More of The Dance (do you know how hard it is to dance in size 16 men's hiking boots?):

The Dramatic Moment:

The end of The Show involved a puppet show:

The Audience:
I think The Audience fell asleep sometime during the puppet show, maybe The Audience hasn't been getting enough sleep lately(but don't worry, we had The Audience rolling in the aisles in laughter for most of The Show, which was good to see)

After The Show there was Apple Pie for dessert:
And pie crust chocolate chip cookies that the girls made:
Mmm Mmm Mmm.

And finally, a snuggly cozy time reading with Daddy'O and Raggedy Anne Doll on the couch before bed:


akamilby said...

My kids say: we had a puppet show! They put stickers on the end of popsicle sticks, and made them say things. Had a lot of repetition of things I said as a part of my demonstration puppet show.

Your show looks absolutely hilarious! Did you practice first? I like the picture of the audience. Too funny. What fun for everyone!

becky said...

I just burst out laughing loudly at the picture of the audience after the climax! It looks like a super fun show, way to go to all involved!! : )

Jo Miller said...

Oh, that dessert looks marvelous. Yum! I never knew you were so dramatic, Kate. And what long hair you have, no wonder Ruthie was scared. Could you see through the glasses? Quite the costumes.
love you,