Saturday, October 31, 2009

Anna's Bag

Aunt Holly,Uncle Trace, Jack and Caroline sent Anna some sewing projects for her to make. My little 4 year old loves to make stuff and literally spends all her waking moments crafting right now unless I make her come to the table to eat or kick her out of the house for some outside play. As much as she loves making her 4 year old creations, she also has a desire to make something 'real', something useful out of 'real' materials. She has been telling me that she wants her own sewing machine and that she wants to learn how to sew. So she was so excited when the birthday package from the Fikes included some real sewing projects for she and I to do. One of the projects was a tote bag:
It turned out pretty cute! Anna had a lot of fun helping me make it, picking out which strip of material to use next, sitting in my lap while we sewed, guiding the material through the machine, pressing the button down for the back stitching, snipping threads... You name it, she did it, all with a huge grin on her face. All except depress the peddle to make the machine actually run, her short little legs can't quite reach and that seemed a bit too many things to think about all at once for a 4 year old anyway. Now we're on to the next project that came in the sewing kit, we'll share the finished product when we finally get it done.


April said...

Oh my goodness, she sounds just like I was at that age. My mom told me I always had some sort of a project going. She'll be a sewer/crafter/artist for sure!

akamilby said...

Yeah Anna! I think your bag is beautiful! Well done making it, and way to find the time to help in the middle of your busy week Miss Kates. You're both amazing!

Chad Clement said...

What a thoughtful and fun gift. It's beautiful, Anna. Well done. Great idea Holly. I'm impressed.