Monday, September 28, 2009

Does anybody else have this problem?

Counters literally covered in dirty dishes? Even the table has no space:
That's what happens when mom has been in a crafty mood! I've done really well lately keeping up with all the chores, we've had a good rhythm to our days and the girls help each morning and evening with their own chores. But then I started having fun! We were in desperate need of some new pot holders. Of course when I mentioned making some Anna and Josie wanted me to make each of them one first. Josie chose alligator material, Anna chose blue checked on one side and yellow striped on the other (which matched the apron I made her for Christmas one year) and then of course they all had to have dark purple on the outside. Here are the finished products:
A clean kitchen and table was definitely not a part of the finished product. We may have some fun new potholders but no clean pots to use them with! We had to eat our smoothie on the picnic table outside this afternoon because, as you saw, there was nowhere to eat at our table inside:

Anna and Josie had fun taking turns giving Ruthie little bites. Ruthie loved it:When Mitch brought in a huge bouquet of beets and beet tops for dinner tonight he had a fun time trying to find somewhere to put them, something to wash them in, and somewhere to chop them. He was resourceful and pulled out our last cutting board that actually fits over the top of the sink. You found some space, Mitch! We were cracking ourselves up.
I even got to use my new hot pad!
And later that night I made sure the kitchen looked like this:
Before I let myself do any more of this:

Ssshhh! Don't tell Anna! That's the quilt I'm making her for her birthday. I'm pretty excited about it. It's actually one that I started when I was pregnant with her and I finally decided to finish it hopefully in time for her 4th birthday less than two weeks away. I've been working on it every night after they are finally in bed asleep. That used to be the time that I would finish up any dishes I hadn't finished during the day so I've been getting behind on the dishes again, especially when my time during the day that should be spent doing dishes is spent making fun (and needed) potholders. Oh well. It's been a fun trade-off, I must say.


Michelle said...

Oh, friends, imagine my joy to see your kitchen, after the mini-rant I indulged this evening while trying to cook in my own teeny kitchen that's stacked and shoved full of harvest food! You and Mitch definitely made me laugh!
Out of pure necessity, I've been keeping up during the day, so that I can freeze and process/can when I get a chunk of time outside of meal prep. Tonight I'm straining cooked-down cherry tomatoes from Audra for a very sweet tomato sauce!
The quilt and potholders are beautiful--I just know you can finish in time for you-know-who's big day!

Kim said...

We do have that problem. Whenever we have an evening that calls for other tasks, activities, crafts, the dishes languish. Lucky for me my boys go to bed by 7:30, so I at least have a chunk of time to catch up on other nights. I should be doing them now...

Anonymous said...

Such a fun post. You are brave to show the world a messy kitchen. What a creative gal you are - those potholders are ready for a craft faire and how fun that the girls got to choose what they wanted. I wish I could send you my haus meri for a day. I left a complete mess and came home to a shining kitchen. What a blessing.
love you,
Hey the birthday project is lovely!

April said...

I love this post! My kitchen always looks like this when I craft and sew, but it is SO worth it! I love how you took a pic of the dishes, mine get much worse even than that!! I adore the quilt you're making Anna, it's sooo beautiful! I made Sarah's when she was around 4 as well and she still has it on her bed and loves it. :)

akamilby said...

You are so amazing! When I read the title and saw the first picture, I wanted to respond immediately with an emphatic ME! Then I read the rest of the post, and there was a lot more to comment on. What beautiful potholders! Your quilt is so colorful and meaningful and such an act of love, because I know you're getting no sleep while you work on it. You're so talented, I'm envious!