Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorado Sky Ranch

We went out to our friend's ranch, Ruthie and Jay Neibur's Colorado Sky Ranch, today and got to play all morning. They have horses, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs and cows with a calf, plus grasshoppers, moths and barn swallows and little baby barn swallows that we got to see that are about ready to leave the nest. They told us about the coyotes that they hear every night, but of course we didn't see those in the daylight. The girls were in awe and loved touching the horses noses, feeding grass to the chickens and horses and petting the bunny and cat. Such a privilege for us who live in the city to be able to have friends close with all of these animals. They also had wooden seat swings, climbing structures, tire and hammock swings, rope swings, rings, bars, a playhouse, a barn full of hay, a huge slide (that was too hot in the sun to slide down), and a dry creek bed to explore with a foot bridge over it. I rode my bike out with the three girls and we took our lunch to have a picnic with our friends. Most of the ride was so peaceful, we just followed the creek path out of town as it meandered alongside the quiet creek. Once we were out of town the countryside opens up around you and you have such amazing views back towards the mountains, the whole front range of the Rockies jutting up.
Sorry, no pictures. Some other time. I'm out of batteries for my camera and haven't made it to the store to get some more yet. It's not as much fun to blog when there are no pictures of my laughing girls to go with the stories of our days, which is why my post have been slower coming lately.


akamilby said...

Oh I wish we had a farm to visit! That sounds like so much fun. You are such an amazing Mama Kates, to take them all to the farm on your bike. Wow! You're adventurous and tough and caring and gentle and . . . I could go on and on. I'm in awe of what a wonderful mama you are!

Anonymous said...

Holly, your farm is the fair and I know you did a good job of taking your kids to all the animals. Maybe not the same, but close.
You are both wonderful mothers and I am blessed.