Friday, September 11, 2009


Anna has been wanting to show you all how she pumps on the swings now. It seems to me that pumping is something kids have to feel the rhythm of in their bodies before they can really master it. I'm not sure how you could teach it before then. I guess it's that way with most things a kid learns: all in their own good time when they are developmentally ready to learn the skill, each kid at their own pace. Here's a little video I took of Anna pumping right before my camera batteries died. It cuts off pretty quick because there wasn't enough juice in the batteries for any more, but you can see her doing it. She has some other playground tricks to show you too, but those will have to wait until we get new batteries.

And not to leave out little Ruthie, here she is swinging too. She loves it as long as you don't push her too high:


akamilby said...

Thanks for saying that pumping is a skill that comes when they are ready Kates. Sometimes I get frustrated with Jack for not getting it, so it's a good reminder for me that it will come in time. Those are some cute girls you have Mrs. Clement!

Michelle said...

Sam think that last picture of Ruthie just makes her look all the cuter. as if we didn't love her enough already...