Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who's Who?

I was asked recently if Josie and Ruthie were twins, and I was often asked in the past if Anna and Josie were twins before Anna's hair got so long. I get told that I have 'strong genetics!' and constantly get people telling me that my girls look so much alike everywhere we go. So here's your chance. See if you can tell who's who is in each of these pictures.









Post a comment to say who's who and I'll let you know by Friday who each picture really is!


Drum roll please! ..............

#1: Ruthie

#2: Anna

#3: Ruthie

#4: Josie

#5: Anna

#6: Josie

#7: Anna

#8: Ruthie

#9: Anna

#10: ME!!!

Congratulations to Aunt Becky, Grandma Jo and Grandma Judy who got all of them right! I'm impressed with your skills, ladies! (Grandma Jo and Grandma Judy e-mailed me their answers, in case you were wondering.) I had fun reading all the responses, both on the blog and by e-mail. Those last two ugly baby pictures of Anna and I had to be included because I thought it was uncanny how alike our faces and facial expressions were, not because I was mean or trying to be tricky:) Holly thought I should post another picture of myself so you could see how much the girls do look like me, in case there was still any doubt.


akamilby said...

Oh my goodness, this is really hard! I thought it wasn't so bad after the first three. Okay, here are my guesses: #1 Josie, #2 Anna, #3 Ruthie (this could be embarassing already. #1 also looks like Ruthie to me.). #4 Josie, #5 Anna, #6 Josie, #7 Anna, #8 Josie, but I'm really unsure on that one. #9 I truly have no idea, maybe Anna, and #10 is you, Miss Katie, so that is a trick question. Oh my, I could change a lot of those answers, so we'll see when you give us the correct results. For the record, the people who say they're twins definitely have a point, except for the heights!

becky said...

Okay, I think I did pretty well, but who knows:) At first glance they look almost identical but once I looked at the faces a little longer, it made it easier to distinguish. They are each distinct, it just took me a minute to see it. 1. Ruthie 2. Anna 3. Ruthie 4. josie 5.Anna 6.Josie 7.Anna 8.Ruthie 9.Anna 10.Katie You sneaky girl you! A group of super cute girls! I liked doing this...

becky said...

wow, i just looked at holly's answer - I think we only have two differences...must be sisters:)

katie said...

Mitch says:
Just to let you know, one of actually did better than I did (I wont say who yet). Although, I have to admit I probably would have done even worse if I wasn't familiar with some of the pictures.

Chad Clement said...

Here's my shot at it. Very hard! #1 Ruthie #2 Anna #3 Ruthie #4 Josie #5 Anna #6 Josie #7 Anna #8 Anna #9 Anna #10 Katie (the 70's shirt gives it away).
I think Ruthie and Josie could be twins. Anna is a little easier to recognize for me. They are definitely sisters, and they definitely have Katie's genes. Fun game. Can't wait to see the answers and see how badly I performed. Of course, Mitch would have aced it!

Michelle said...

Ok, I'm doing my best to just write them down without reading anyone else's:
(Last two were educated guesses!)
You know, Katie, you didn't tell us what our prize would be...
Michelle (NOT Nora, for once!)

Michelle said...

Hey, you toady friend-I just read your sisters' posts and saw that the last one is you! Stinker! That's what I get for thinking that you wouldn't try to trick us!

Faith said...

I am cracking up! Every time I come to your blog and see pictures of your girls I think "Wow, they are such "Millers"!" So I am glad I am not the only one. There was this one picture that hung in your parents hallway all growing up of you hanging upside down. I always think of that picture when I see your girls. *grin*

Michael and Jeanette said...

1 josie
2 anna
3 ruthie
4 josie
9no idea... anna?
10: i don't know. ...but it looks really old, so... : )

9ugly baby- no idea (It's someone elses.) (But I should guess anna if I have to guess since you're putting it in to throw us off on number 10.)
10 ugly baby- katie (Jeanette doesn't want me to say ugly, so I'll at least put in the disclaimer that there are many beautiful pictures of you, this just isn't one of them.)
I'm pretty positive 8 is for sure ruthie, she has her eyes and hair, but I feel like I didn't put in enough josie answers. Maybe you are including a pic of when josie looks like ruthie. I have too many of anna, so I'm probably wrong on 4, but I'm sticking with my answers.

akamilby said...

By the way, Becky and I were talking on the phone while she did hers (I called her and told her she needed to take your fun quiz:)), and I think she's nailed it. So if I could vote for a winner among all of these, I think Aunt Becky will take the title. I guess we'll all find out tomorrow.

akamilby said...

Oh well done Grandmas and Aunt Becky. This was fun Kates, thanks for the quiz!

Michelle said...

okay, that was tricky!
so here are my answers:#1 anna #2 josie #3 Ruthie #4 anna #5 anna #6 josie #7 anna #8 josie #9anna #10 josie (as soon as i read the answers that you posted i was so mad that you put one of your self in!!! that is so cheating!!!!!!)