Friday, September 18, 2009

New Tricks

The girls had a few new tricks they have been wanting to show you.

This first video is of Anna and Josie jumping off the picnic table. That's not new for Anna, but it is for Josie!

Anna had her first ballet class this week. (She loved it! Thank you Mema and Papa!) While she was in her class Josie, Ruthie and I watched gymnastics next door, since they had a big viewing window and the ballet classroom didn't. What Josie liked the most was watching the kids do the tumbling, or backwards somersaults off of an elevated mat. We had to come home and try it ourselves. Anna and Josie are both experts now (they're doing it off our bed onto the twin bed below, but 1 or 2 couch cushions stacked up on the floor does just as well):

The last video of the day is of a trick that Anna has been wanting to show you all for a while now. She found some new 'super high!' jumping off places at the playground. Here she is climbing and jumping:

What post would be complete without Ruthie's new tricks? Here's a picture of her standing on her own. She has pretty good balance now. No steps yet, though.

Always smiling:


krbc said...

Hi Katie!! I was just reading Mike and Andrea Lewis' good news on their blog and saw that you had a blog. So fun! It's great to see pix of you, Mitch and all your beautiful girls.

We miss you guys!

Michelle said...

I think that is jut awesome that Ruthie is walking on her own!can't wait for her first steps!

becky said...

Way to go girls! I like your new tricks! I was especially impressed with the backwards somersault off the bed. Anna, that was some high jumping off the playground. I can't believe how big Ruthie is getting, she's not so little anymore. I also LOVE the conductor overalls she is wearing:)

akamilby said...

We have been practicing backwards flips off the bed since we watched all these videos. Wow! Ruthie's standing on her own! She's getting so big. Great jumping Anna! Jack says that we should move to Colorado so that we can play and jump with you.

akamilby said...

Jack: we need to move there forever!