Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look what we found floating down the creek

An inner tube! It was our lucky day. The girls have been asking me for a ring to float on in the water so when we saw this one I thought we should bring it home. We actually found it mostly empty of air stuck on a rock in the creek, dirty and covered with beer cans. I would say it had been abandoned. I figured it probably had a huge hole in it and at the very least we could take it to the dumpster. But we lucked out! It cleaned up beautifully and held air! The girls were excited and we spent the morning playing at the creek on the inner tube. Josie was a little intimidated at first but by the end she was bouncing on it, splashing around and dunking her hair under water over the edge of it. Anna was a pro from the beginning. I didn't take the camera with us to the creek because I figured I needed both hands to keep three little girls safe in the creek, but these are a few pictures I took when we got home from our fun morning:


akamilby said...

How fun! My kids would love a tube with a creek next door: it sounds like kid paradise!

Chad Clement said...

Josie: Uncle Chad really likes your new hair cut. You look so grown up.
Anna: You are one brave girl. I don't think there is much that you won't try.
Glad you're still able to get in some summer fun before it turns chilly.