Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Little Girl Fun

Here's some pictures of fun the girls had in the last day or so.

Anna painting a canteloupe gourd we found out in the garden, dried and hollow from a winter outside. She's painting it dark purple, her favorite color:

Ruthie laughing on the blanket. How many people are in this picture?:

Three! The other two were hiding in their favorite, secret, cozy spot!:

Two girls in Daddy's vest, lots of laughs:

And last but not least, a little video of Anna jumping off the picnic table. She really wanted you to see her jumping from this spot, I think because she saw a picture of her sister jumping off the same table posted a few days ago:). I tried to convince her to show you a picture of her jumping off the playground structure yesterday which was twice as high, but she was insistent that this is what she wanted you to see. You should have seen the jig she was dancing before she jumped most times, I wonder who she learned that from?

I thought Josie might jump for you too, but then she got scared of the mower you can hear in the background and got down in a hurry. My girls do not like loud noises.


akamilby said...

I love you Anna and Josie. Thank you for the video. Last night I pushed the couch far away and I jumped that far. It was fun. I made it. I love you. See you tomorrow.
--Jackson (as told to Aunt Holly)

Chad Clement said...

Anna: Uncle Chad's favorite color is purple too. I know a place where you can find a lot of purple when you get older.....around age 18. You sure do jump well. Don't break your ankles!