Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You can have more kale . . .

. . . after you eat some more beans. How often do you bribe your children to eat their dinner by telling them that they can eat more kale if they do? It actually happened in our house tonight. The first two pictures below may not appear all that interesting to you, but they are very exciting to us because they represent the first harvest from our garden this year! We had kale that had overwintered from last year that has finally grown up enough to harvest after recent rain. We also had arugula that we planted this year and were able to mix in with the lettuce we got at the farmer's market this weekend for our salad tonight. Part of the kale we made into kale chips. (Spread olive oil on a baking sheet. Lay the kale out on the sheet oiling both sides. Sprinkle with salt. Broil until crispy but not burnt.) The rest we just sauteed. Anna and Josie were pretty excited about the kale chips. Maybe it was because they had just been out in the garden harvesting the kale with us minutes before. Maybe its just because kale really is that good. Whatever the reason, after finishing her first two servings of kale, Josie exclaimed, "I want some more!" and Anna said, "I love it!"

And a fun picture of Ruthie!

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akamilby said...

Yeah for kale, gardens, and Ruthie smiles! Now I'm dying to try kale chips. Are they your creation, or did you find a recipe somewhere? Assuming your explanation is all there is to it, we'll try them sometime this week.