Saturday, April 18, 2009

Worship through Art

Our friend Isobel created this piece of art in response to our Resurrection Sunday worship service. We wanted to post it on our blog because it is such a beautiful expression of the worship that happens on Sunday morning, even better than an actual photograph. We love it because it is so alive and worship on Resurrection Sunday is so much about life, true life. We also love it because the art itself is an act of worship. Thank you, Isobel, for sharing your expression of worship with us.
Several times we have referred to Anna and Josie and their friends dancing in the aisles during our Sunday morning worship services. You can see them in this picture in the foreground, the little girls on the left. Isobel's and Rich's daughter, Lily, is the girl on the far right with the white dress. The fourth girl in the middle is their friend Ella.


Chad Clement said...

That is cool! What talent.

April said...

Just gorgeous!! You can feel the life and power of the Holy Spirit here - alive and real, awesome!!

akamilby said...

She captured the movement of Anna's hair, and the light and joy in the room. What could be better worship than dancing girls?