Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Morning, Pancake Morning!

On Saturday mornings we make yummy sourdough pancakes for breakfast. Mmm, mmm, good! The girls wanted yogurt on theirs this morning. You can't beat that! I couldn't believe how much Josie ate, four plate fulls of silver dollar pancakes! She's a growing girl.
After breakfast we put on our rain jackets and headed down to the Farmer's Market, another sabbath ritual for us until our own garden starts producing a little bit more. It was fun to see all the brave souls that came out it this 39 degree rain to stock up on their week's veggies. Among other things I got some soap handmade by a friend that I know through our midwife, Karen Robinson. Coming home Anna was on her bike, Ruthie was asleep in the sling and Josie was in the ergo giving her Daddy'O snuggles. Following the creek path means coming home is slightly downhill the whole way and Anna took off for home as fast as she could peddle, a big grin on her face. She made her own sunshine around her on this gray day with her bright pink bike helmet, bright blue rain jacket and bright green rain boots. Mitch, in his bright yellow rain jacket, had to run to keep up, a bouncing, laughing Josie on his back. Quiet settled around me as I watched them disappear around the bend in the path. A rare moment in time when I could actually hear my own thoughts rolling around in my head.


akamilby said...

Wow, that's a great picture of Anna. How fun to get out of the house as a family. Aren't quiet moments like that when everyone is happy to be treasured? I'm glad you had a moment to yourself. Our farmers market starts next week, so spring is indeed here!

akamilby said...

By the way, two things I've been meaning to tell you: I love the "reveler in all things minute and daily" in your profile, and Caroline calls the song "I've got the joy down in my heart" the Josie Joy song, for obvious reasons. As in, "sing the Josie Joy song mom!"

Chad Clement said...

Anna looks so grown up in that picture...a very classy look for her. Saturdays sound like fun days for the Clement clan. Wish I had a farmer's market within walking distance. I also wish I knew how to make sourdough pancakes like Mitch. Love to all. Chad

Anonymous said...

I can just picture Mitch racing to catch her with Josie bouncing. Glad you and Ruthie had a quiet walk. Were you pulling a wagon full of produce?
love you,

Anonymous said...

I remember making pancakes for the Miller kids and my own, when they had a contest to see who could eat the most. I think you won Katie with about 23 pancakes, not silver dollar size either! I made pancakes for hours. Nathan was 2nd with about 21 or 22.