Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Firsts For Anna & A First For Ruthie

Anna is climbing! This was a first for her, and she loved it! Our church went climbing Saturday night. Mitch had Ruthie in the sling and she went to sleep for him so even Mommy got to climb a little! Here I am:
And another first for Anna, her artwork has taken a giant leap forward and she is drawing actual things, not just big scribbles! This is a picture she drew of she and Josie, Josie is on the left, Anna is on the right. They have heads, tummys, arms and legs. So classic in how kids learn to draw people! Here it is:

Here's a picture she drew of Ruthie, she wanted you to see it, too. She added eyes, nose, open mouth with teeth in it and a forehead.

Josie, not to be outdone by her sister, wanted to post the picture she drew too. Here it is:

Anna and Josie wanted to know who was going to see their pictures. I told them some of the people that are normally reading our posts but that I didn't know for sure unless you post a comment, so they wanted me to tell you that they want you to post a comment so they know who looked at their artwork. You don't have to, but I told them I would tell you they wanted you to!

Here's a little video of Ruthie working on her roll. She's getting quicker now, but this is a video of one of the first times. She's trying so hard! She still has a hard time getting her arm all the way out from under her so that she doesn't just roll back over. She can only go to her left, we're working on enticing her to roll to her right now.


Chad Clement said...

Tell Anna and Josie that Uncle Chad thinks their pictures are beautiful and is jealous that Nona and Grandpa have pictures on their refrigerator. Mine is quite bare!
This blog is one of the best parts of my week. I enjoy logging on each day and reading all about the Clement family.
I am headed to Dallas for three days of training, so I will look forward to some new stories and pictures upon my return.
Katie: The rock climbing reminds me of our day at Bowman Lake. Next thing you need to teach Anna is how to jump 30 feet to the lake below.
Wishing you a wonderful week!
Love, Uncle Chad

akamilby said...

Anna and Josie,
We like your pictures. Ruthie's arms are really big in the picture you drew. I like the purple on Josie's picture. We are going to draw you pictures at Carolines Coffee today and mail them to you. We can't put them on the computer. We will put them in the mail.
--Jackson and Caroline

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Anna and Josie, your artwork is beautiful.

Katie, doesn't Ruthie pee on the blanket and carpet??? Josiah certainly would! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what beautiful art work. I have some pictures here that Anna did when she was 2 and I can see how much she has learned. Josie I love your colors. I think some of these special pictures need to fly to PNG, in an envelope, to put up on my refrigerator! Anna, I am so proud of you for climbing. Sometimes it can be scary and it takes lots of strong muscles - good job. Ruthie, how exciting to be able to turn over. You are also getting very strong muscles. Anna and Josie, do you remember being so little? I have pictures on my computer of the first time I saw Anna roll over. We were in Becky's Biola apartment and you came for her graduation. So long ago.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. You can tell Josie and Anna that her KY cousins are fascinated by their drawings. I am glad that the blog address found it's way to us.

becky said...

Anna and Josie, what great pictures!! I love seeing your artwork : ) Anna, I think it's awesome that you got to go climbing. Do you know that I love climbing too?? Sometimes on the rocks outside and sometimes inside in a gym. I would love to go with you sometime . . . Jack wants to go too now so maybe I should take him to the climbing gym here. That way next time we come visit we can all go together. Did your momma tell you that she used to be a very good climber? I remember watching her climb up a very big cliff one time, she was determined to get to the top and of course she did it!
Also, Anna's drawing of ruthie looks just like the picture you have posted of her smiling on her blanket - what a good artist! Love you all!
-aunt becky

katie said...

I like Josie's picture. I just saw a picture of Uncle Chad jumping into the lake. (Bowman Lake, July, 2002)

Anonymous said...

Anna and Josie,
Xavius, Shylan, and Irelyn love your pictures. Xavius says, "My favorite part is the blue" when looking at Josie's work. And he also commented about Anna's circles but says he likes squares, too.
Keep the spirit of art alive, girls.
-From the "other" Katie and family

Anonymous said...

Uncle Michael and Aunt Jeanette saw your pictures! We look at all your stuff here and we want to say hi, "Hi!" We didn't see your pictures until just now because we were on vacation for four days. Our baby can't see your pictures yet, but maybe when the child is born we will get to see some new pictures!

j10fingers said...

I love the pics! thanks for sharing them! Patty & I are hoping to see you again sometime soon. stay observant & imaginative!