Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Middle Eastern Meal

I have to share with you what we had for dinner last night because I am quite proud of it! I made pita bread, falafel and a black bean hummus. This was only my second attempt at pita bread and most of them had a pocket inside! That was fun. We put the falafel with a yogurt sauce and tomatoes and lettuce fresh from our snowy farmers market on Saturday inside the pita and it was quite a tasty meal. It's my new favorite. The hummus was more of a side dish and we've been experimenting with adding black beans to our hummus. A friend introduced me to that at our monthly gathering at our midwife's house so I had to try making some. I basically traded about half the garbanzo beans for black beans and I liked the result! I'm not going to give you all the recipes here because that seems like a little much for me, If you really want it you can e-mail me. But here's a picture of our table of yummy food! I'm not known for my presentation, but you get the idea: Here's a sleepy Anna and a silly face making Josie in the picture:
We have quite the large dining room table, wouldn't you say? All I have to say is we've found that what matters more for us is what goes on at the table: family time around homemade meals made of good, healthy, local, fresh food nourishing our bodies, minds and souls. Who could ask for more? One more piece of what health for our family really is.

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akamilby said...

Wow Kates, beautiful food! I want to come share that meal with you. It looks and sounds delicious!