Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Happy April Fools Day! Just thought I would share a few pictures from our day.

Here's Ruthie playing on the floor smiling at Anna:

Josie found the only mud puddle in the whole courtyard this morning and had fun stomping around and sitting in the mud until she got too cold. 100% kid :

The afternoon was full of crafting with paper, markers, scissors and glue:

Here's Ruthie smiling at her sisters! She had fun watching their artistic antics:

And all three on the couch! Josie's making a silly face. Do we have a clown in the family? :

Anna's showing off one of her creations. She said she wanted Aunt Becky to see it. I said "Yeah, Aunt Becky and Nona and Grandpa and Grandma Jo and Aunt Holly and Jack and Caroline and..." and she said "And Aunt Becky, Mommy, I want Aunt Becky to see it." So there you go, Aunt Becky!:

Look what the snow blew in! We had quite a storm this afternoon. Good thing Mitch walks home! You thought Spring was finally coming. April Fools! How appropriate. Here's Mitch all covered in snow with fogged up glasses:

Anna and mommy had fun outside in the snow after dinner. We even saw the fox and followed his footprints through the snow down to the creek. It was so beautiful to be all tucked in under the snow covered trees listening to the sound of the full creek rushing by. Anna was a little nervous we would see the fox again, but we didn't. Then we had fun swinging on the snow covered swings together and looking up at the moon. We sang 'I see the moon' and thought of you, Grandma Jo, seeing the same moon there in PNG. Here's Anna making a snow angel:


Anonymous said...

Wow, what wonderful pictures of my granddaughters, just what I was needing. And you posted them fullsize, so when I clicked on them they let me save them in a large size. I actually saw the sun today and I don't think it rained, though it rained all night. Enjoy the snow. Thanks for thinking of me with the moon, but I haven't seen it in a while, too many clouds. Climb the steep hill up to campus and think of me climbing hills to my flat.
love you,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

What a beautiful post Kates. That was a whole series of great pictures. Josie and Ruthie both look so big in the first two photos. And I love how Ruthie is tilted to the side watching her sisters in the background of the third one. Ruthie is so smiley and big! Darling. You take great pictures. How special to go on a walk with just Anna. I'm glad you had time/made time for that today. Thinking of you,

becky said...

Well, I've certainly had fun enjoying your wonderful blog so far, I suppose it's time to figure out how to sign in and post a comment. Tell Anna I saw her picture and I really like all the colors she used -- those are some great swirls : ) And Ruthie is super cute in her little seat, she's getting so big! Tell Josie I'm proud of her for finding the lone mud puddle . . .

Anonymous said...

Josie making a face is so cute. She used to just frown at the camera, just like her mommy when she was little. How fun to see her making faces. Tell her that Grandma Jo likes those funny faces, that mud puddle girl. Anna, you got Aunt Becky to look at your picture, good on you!! Thanks for sharing with us.
Love you all,
Grandma Jo