Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tree Climber & Garden Update

Anna saw this tree, stopped, eyed it for a while as she sized it up, decided she could climb it and went for it! That's my girl! She told me "Don't spot me, Mommy, I can do it all by myself." Not that spotting is any help, it's more for my own peace of mind, but it must not feel that may to her. And she made it! Quite a beautiful crab apple tree just starting to get a bowerful of pink blossoms. I do happen to think that the little girl in the tree is even more beautiful, though! Here's my tree climber:The rest of the day has been spent at the Farmer's Market and in the garden. The girls found lots of 'wormy squirmies' and had fun helping Mitch plant radishes in the shape of a heart in one section of the garden that he had just finished double-digging. We'll have to show you some pictures soon of how the garden plots are shaping up. The arugula is coming up in one and some rye (cover-crop) in the other. We can almost harvest salad greens from our herb garden up close to the house! Check it out! This is what we get excited about:Poor Anna and Josie can barely walk up the steps and get to the front door of our house during the day because of all the pots of seedlings that we set out on the steps while it's warm and sunny:
Where are they at night, you ask? That is when Josie can barely get to her seat at the table because of all the seed flats on the floor around her chair.

It is getting difficult to change little Ruthie's diaper because she is so quick at her roll now. I think she's got you beat, Tom Patterson! Here's the cutie:


April said...

This is too cute!! The kids and I watched it and laughed it was so adorable. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

How fun. I get to watch Miss Ruthie roll over and smile and hear Katie talk to her. Nice tree Anna. I am always looking at trees to see if they are good ones for my kids or grandkids to climb. Must have passed that along.
Happy Easter from PNG. love you
Mom and Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Happy Easter Clements! I wish we had an apple tree like that to climb! Ruthie is getting so big--I love the videos, you can see her determination and her smiles. We love you all!