Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We got a fun package in the mail today! It said it was from Miss Caroline Fike. Anna smelled it and told me there was coffee in it, so I assured the girls that it must just be for Daddy and me and the two of us would open it later. They didn't quite buy it:) They know their Caroline cousin!Thank you for the rings and necklaces, Caroline! Can you see the silver necklaces and red rings we are all wearing in these two pictures? Uncle Mitch is wearing his ring right now, too, and says to tell you thank you.

Truth be told, though, Mitch and I were even more excited about the contents of the rest of the package:

Smells don't lie. Anna was right. And this is THE BEST coffee, let me tell you. If you haven't tried Caroline's Coffee yet then you've got to soon. Come on over to our house and give it a test! We've got a pound each of Nicaraguan and Sumatran waiting for you, take your pick. This is your official invitation for some good conversation over a cup of freshly roasted coffee. But be warned! This coffee is not just any coffee. Once you have tried a cup of Carolines coffee you may not be able to live with just any coffee. Roasted in the heart of the California gold country in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (my home sweet home!), the art of coffee roasting has been perfected at Caroline's Coffee. They have been roasting and selling only the finest coffee in this three generation family business since 1988, and it just can't get any better than what you drink at Carolines. You can even order it online here. Check it out!

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akamilby said...

Oh you're too sweet! Miss Caroline is quite excited that you got her package. Thanks for the pictures:) She says that you are all very fancy!