Friday, March 25, 2011


This was the best sledding hill I have ever seen, safe enough for a Mommy to enjoy sending her little ones speeding down, no obstacles to hit, free, not crowded, and FAST! They even had inner tubes you could use for free that were the best sledding ride I've ever had. Grand Lake Golf Course which doubles as a Nordic Center in the winter.

If you have the time, enjoy this series of videos of our sled rides. Granted, nothing is as fun as actually experiencing it yourself, but if you like watching us laugh you'll enjoy these videos full of little girls' laughter.

Three girls one at a time down the hill:

'Mitch flipping' (Can you hear the girls laughing at him in the background?):

'UP the hill':

'Helmet Cam', Mommy and Ruthie:



And my favorite- 'All Together Now!':

Josie was getting tired by the end of our time sledding so I offered her the camera and let her take a video of her sisters sledding. That kept her content for a while longer so her sisters could keep sledding. She really wanted me to post her video so you could see it, she was quite proud of it. Be forewarned, in Josie's own words: "I couldn't really see if it was pointed at them or not, but I think it was." Four year old cinematography:


Michael and Jeanette said...

Wheee! Those are fun videos! You guys are getting to do a whole bunch of amazing activities on this vacation. And you three girls seem like you're growing up so fast! Where did you get the tubes-- is that a place that rents them out for tubing?

becky said...

Apparently I need to check your blog more often, because I just found this whole series of your vacation. I love all the videos!! Yay for sledding, that looks like a perfect hill. So fun that Ruthie can go down also. the girls look so big in their snowshoes-I like the video of Josie jumping. Tell Anna and Josie congratulations on their Junior Ranger badges-I still remember when I earned mine, it was a big deal and fun as well. It looks like your trip was a good break for the whole family:) I certainly loved getting to see it!

Anne said...