Monday, March 21, 2011

Grand Lake

Since this is Mitch's Spring break we are taking a little vacation to Grand Lake, CO. We rented a cabin for a couple of nights and are enjoying lots of family time and winter play up here in the mountains.
The girls brought their beads and string and settled into the cabin immediately stringing beads on their hide-a-bed.
But it wasn't long before we headed out to play!
The huge snow pile in front of our door was the first attraction.
Queen of the Mountain!

We made some stairs up it so even Ruthie could climb it (that's Josie in the picture).

Here are two little videos of the fun we had with that pile of snow!

There's a bench swing in the little courtyard outside our door.
Beautiful and relaxing for this mama.

More places these climbing girls found to play outside our cabin:

Three sisters sticking their tongues out at you swinging on the bench swing:

Dinner inside the cabin.
With a full kitchen stocked with pots and pans and utensils we are able to cook our own food while we're here. This kitchen is bigger than our kitchen at home! All right, that's not saying much, but it still is nice for us. We are enjoying our stay.

Today we took a little hike out to Adam's Falls at the eastern edge of Grand Lake.

Anna, leading the way, and Josie being pulled by her Daddy'O in the sled:
Josie was hiking until she fell through the snow up to her waist. The trail itself was packed, but you had to stay on it. If you stepped off onto the side, down you went. We have snowshoes, but didn't wear them, since the trail was packed enough.

At the end of the trail, at the lookout by the falls, Josie is waving goodbye in the traditional Miller way:)
Goodbye for now! We'll post more pictures of our adventures at Grand Lake soon!


Michael and Jeanette said...

Whoo-hoo! Looks like fun! (Although I am ready for spring and summer). What a fun spot for a getaway, and yay for Spring Breaks. Yesterday in church about 2/3 of church was missing because it's spring break here too, and at the airport all of our flights have been completely full. Have fun out there!

Hashim Alhamad said...

This looks like fun! I love how the girls climbed that huge pile of snow :)

akamilby said...

I had no idea it was spring break. Spring? What's that? I'm so glad you chose to take a family vacation. Yeah! I hope it's relaxing and rejuvenating for all of you. Darling pictures--thanks for posting.

Chad Clement said...

Great to see you were able to escape for a few days! Enjoy.