Friday, March 25, 2011


This was a first for Anna and Josie, snowshoeing! We rented snowshoes for them and hit the trail. They had a blast.Anna during our lunch break:

Cool Jo:

Silly Ruthie on Mama's back:

We had the sled with us for whoever might need a break, we had no idea how the girls would do. Ruthie was the only one who took a turn in it today, the other two just wanted to keep snowshoeing. Here we are trekking down the trail:

Ruthie along for the ride:


This next picture was actually the next day, when we headed out first thing in the morning to get one more snowshoeing expedition in before we had to return the girls' snowshoes. Our favorite thing about this trail was all the animal tracks we saw, rabbit, squirrel, coyote (sometimes chasing the other two), and some mystery tracks (Josie swears they were skunk). Winter in Rocky Mountain National Park means all the animals are hiding, hibernating, or have headed down to lower elevations, so it was fun to see evidence that a few of them were still around.

Josie wanted to show you a video of how she hopped on her snowshoes:

What wintertime expedition is complete without a little hot chocolate afterwards to warm you up? The girls loved the snowshoeing and are ready to buy their own snowshoes so we can head out more often. Watch out, Grandpa and Nona, they're already working on their birthday and Christmas lists! You've trained them well. We ended up snowshoeing three times and I think they never would have stopped.

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Michelle said...

Nora will probably outgrow her snowshoes by the end of next winter, and they are good up to 120 pounds, I believe. Keep that in mind when the snowshoe-hand-me-down line gets moving! And we have a pair of adult shoes that are big enough to wear loaded for a trip-up to 250 lb, I believe, if you ever need that size. Adie and Jeff Johnson have medium-weight shoes that we borrow often, too. And that's the local snowshoe report for March!

How fun to see you all enjoying the snow in your beloved hills, Katie. Way to go enjoying your time together in a way that energizes you, too!