Friday, April 15, 2011


We've had lots of fun friend time in the last couple of days and the girls have been in heaven.

Yesterday our friends CJ and Miriam came over for a while in the morning. I think CJ and Miriam were overwhelmed at first by the excitement of my three girls:) Anna, Josie and Ruthie kept showing them one toy after the other, calling their name to come play first one thing and then another and were so in their face in their excitement that I think it was a little much. But after a few stories on the couch everyone was able to settle into a rhythm of play and had a great time.

This was my favorite, three girls playing songs on the piano and singing along to their music:That was Miriam in the green sweatshirt, CJ in the purple leotard, and then Anna on the right.

I love this shot of Miriam: Her Daddy is a musician, the worship pastor at our church. I think you've got a girl after your own heart, Greg!

Who could resist snapping a few shots of these smiling faces covered in spaghetti sauce?! Smiley Miriam: Anna and CJ kept making faces at each other and had fun together the whole morning. They were inseparable, those two:

Josie knows how to find downtime in the midst of chaos. She spent quite a while coloring this picture in her book. I was quite impressed with all the detail, and she wanted to share it with you:
Today Violet came to play in the morning while her mom, April, and I had fun making things out of yarn. Violet, also, gets too much attention from the girls, especially at first, and at 6 months isn't hardly able to defend herself against Ruthie's hugs or wrestling moves. Sorry April.
Isn't she a cutie pie with those big beautiful eyes looking at you?!

Tonight our neighbors Tristan and Sophie came over for dinner while their parents went out on a date. We've been swapping childcare so we each get a date night ever other week. We love having Tristan and Sophie over. Part of the evening always involves getting pajamas on and bathrobes on for warmth so everyone is ready for bed when parents get back. Then tonight it was Peppa Pig time (a fun little movie for preschoolers, it had them laughing for quite a while until it got closer to bedtime and they all zoned out):

Our home feels blessed by the presence of these friends and all the smiles and laughter that come along with them.

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Jenna said...

Thanks for posting pics Katie--and more importantly, THANKS SO MUCH for watching those girls!