Saturday, April 30, 2011

Was It Really THAT Warm Out?

Absolutely NOT.

These girls are crazy.

First Ruthie wanted to get naked and climb into the birdbath we have on the south side of our house. Sorry Ruthie, house rules, you can't be naked outside. At least a swim suit is in order. Of course, once one puts a swim suit on, the others follow suit. Three crazy young girls running around outside in their bathing suits and one Mama in long pants, long sleeve shirt and a lined sweatshirt who still felt chilly. Then Ruthie did try to climb in the birdbath and broke it. That's when Mama caved in and set out the pool. Hot tub, actually. That hose is hooked up to the laundry room sink and warm water is pouring out.
Sophie joined them:

Let the jumping begin!

I love Ruthie's method:) I don't think she actually cleared the side with her feet, but water is a soft landing, luckily. I love how she squinches her eyes shut in preparation.

I promise Anna didn't actually land on Sophie.

Synchronized jumping.

There you have it, the favorite chilly day hot tubbing methods of 4 little girls.


akamilby said...

Warm water in the kiddie/kitty (that's what my kids call it) pool?! What a concept! Wouldn't my kids love that? I love the action shots that you caught, and the springtime contrast of the blue pool and the green grass. Summer will be coming soon! Great pics Kates, those are four cute and crazy girls!

Jo Miller said...

just couldn't wait for spring. Very good on the jumping. Every one has their own style. I think that I would wait for it to be warm, but the sun must have tempted them. Go girls!
love you,
Grandma Jo

becky said...

HA! Nicely done ladies! very clever Miss Katie with the warm water. :)pard

becky said...

oops, i guess half of my word verificatin was typed into my comment...

krbc said...

Fun to get a glimpse into Clement family life :) Hope you guys are doing well. Joel ran into Mitch's old Wheaton football coach, Rod Sandburg, and he was asking how Mitch was doing. Miss seeing you guys!
Kristen for the Cagwins