Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Would you like to come see a production of the NOtKRAKR? This was the ticket, at least the ticket that let everyone in our family in (or out, since the production was outside).The other side of the ticket:

And the production itself:

Josie was a Sugar Plum Fairy, Anna was Claire and had a pretend Nutcracker, and Ruthie was the live music in the pit.

The end of the show, curtsying:


April said...

AWWWW!!! I love the ticket! So darn cute!

akamilby said...

Those are impressive curtsies! And Miss Anna has very clear handwriting. I want to come see the Notkrakr:)

And as we discovered last year (did you see Caroline's birthday pictures?), the best part about a recital is that you get to keep the costume! Ours is way too small, but it still gets work a lot!

Kim said...

Aw! Love your girls games. They are so special and creative. Love Ruthie's little banjo. I should like to see the Nutkraker performed to banjo music.