Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Girls

Beautiful smiles.

and kisses. Lots of love.
Playing the piano:

Thank you, Mema, for beautiful Easter dresses. It's so fun to watch little girls when they feel so loved, so fancy, so special on a special day in special clothes.

Easter Twirl:


Jo Miller said...

you are making me dizzy! so much spinning, around and around and around and around.
Happy Easter. It is a day to celebrate.
love you

Michael and Jeanette said...

Beautiful dresses! We tried to take pictures of Maia in her Easter dress, but she's not feeling well today, so thus far she has cried through all attempts at pictures. And now she's wearing something more comfy, so we'll see. She was too sick for the nursery, so she came to the whole church service with us, and made several hundred people laugh when she cheered after the last song. But she loves the nursery and kept trying to climb the stairs to go to it. I think we're cancelling this afternoons Easter egg hunt with the Huffman's too, before Daddy has to go back to work (worked this AM for someone going to Japan). Ah well. A distracted Resurrectionus for us, but Resurrectionus day none the less. -Michael

akamilby said...

Wow, those are three beautiful blonde girls! Great pictures Katie! You even got them all smiling at the same time. I want to give them all hugs and kisses. Did their Mama have a beautiful Easter dress to wear too? Because I happen to know that she's a blonde beauty just like her girlies. I love you all!

becky said...

Ladies, you all look incredibly beautiful in your Easter finery! I love how the pictures capture how much you all care about each other:) I feel that way about my sisters too. Josie and Anna, I love your fancy hair-did you know your mama used to help me put rag curlers in my hair too?