Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance Recital II

Sorry to those of you grandparents and cousin who have been waiting all day for me to post this video:) I have been trying, but it was too big. I never could get it to upload to the blog, and I don't have any video editing software on my computer that I could find to make it smaller. Instead, you get a link to Anna's dance, Twilight Hush. I ended up posting it on YouTube. I'm definitely not a professional videographer, but it turned out all right for me. There's a bit of dark at the beginning before they turn the stage lights on and the dance starts, but I didn't want to miss the beginning so I had already started taping, and, like I said, I don't have any video editing capabilities, so you get to watch that, too. Anna is the first one out on stage, leading the class. She was so excited about the whole thing, not a bit nervous even in front of all those people. It was so fun to watch our little girl up there, self-confident and enjoying herself. We were very proud of you, Anna Clement!

I took this picture is in the dressing room right before the show. Standing with her classmates ready to go out on stage:


akamilby said...

Oh my gosh, that was so darling! She did such a good job, standing tall and obviously following the teacher, just as she was told.

Thanks for figuring out how to share it with us Katie! Caroline watched it three times this morning:)

becky said...

wow! Anna, you are one fun dancer to watch. I really enjoyed getting to see your whole performance-you did so well!! You looked absolutely beautiful too:) Congratulations! (great job on the video, Katie, it was nice that you were zoomed in on Anna so we could really see everything she was doing. She seemed to be the one most in tune with the song, the dance, and the teacher. Impressive little ballerina! :)