Wednesday, May 20, 2009


They started watering our lawns, so summertime sprinkler play has begun! The girls got out their bathing suits to get wet, or at least sprinkled. I guess in the picture Josie just has her underwear on still. They are not boys, like you, Jack, so wet is a relative thing. They'll get more bold as the warm weather progresses. Here's the pictures and a little video:

All three girls like to get in the wagon together now! No, Ruthie can't sit up quite yet, she's in her Bumbo chair. But it works! Here they are:

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akamilby said...

Three girls in one wagon--wow! And sprinkler play, I can't wait to show Jack when he wakes up. We haven't actually played in the sprinklers--Trace just got all of ours working this weekend, but they're set to go early in the morning. I might have to change that, though, because it keeps waking Caroline up. I love the picture of Anna laughing against the rail--she looks so happy and carefree. Missing you all!