Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finishing Well

Okay, so Mitch wasn't actually too pleased with his last final, but the other two went really well, and he did incredibly well all semester. He had a pretty big cushion to not do too well on the final and still do really well in the class. But he's a bit bummed. He wanted to feel like he'd finished strong. Sometimes we have a different definition of what it means to do well in this house. I thought I would clarify after my last post so you would know how different members of this family are actually feeling.
Now on to the interview later today...


akamilby said...

To Mitch: My freshmen year in college we were required to take a one credit sort of intro to college/faith in learning class with other people in our major. I don't remember what the class was called (did you guys take it too?), but my prof was a Spanish teacher, Dr. Kepner, and she asked us at one point: is it okay to get something done, even if it's not done well. Is there value in finishing? As idealistic freshmen we mostly thought it was important to do something well, not just get it done. But I've thought about that question in the many years since, and I think I've changed my answer. There is also value in finishing. It's not always possible to give something your best effort, because other factors intervene (like your family, for instance, or maybe just a bad day). Sometimes it's just important to get something done. And you're done Mitch. So well done. No matter what you passed all your classes and your three girls and your wife are well. I think that counts for a lot. A lot more than a perfect grade on a test (although I'm sure you got good grades, you always do). A grade is simply a measurement, and not a measurement that means much outside of a classroom setting. So again, well done Mitch. You finished, and I think that means you finished well.

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah look at me, I'm mitch and I got a 94% on my final but I feel like I got a 42% blah blah blah and I studied really hard and tried my best but somehow that doesn't compute in my mind to finishing strong blah blah blah and..."
Mitch, you have an amazing work ethic and we're all jealous of it. How do you raise three kids and still manage to get A's!?! We all sorta think you'd be justified in settling for 'simply finishing' given the circumstances, but you've blown all of our expectations again and again, and we're amazed. Holly's point is true, and it should apply to you, but unfortunately it doesn't, because you've consistently done much more than finish-- you've excelled.
(When you get your semester grades, I would be curious what the worst percentage grade you got was. I bet its a 96. Jeanette guesses "a 91.. no wait, probably a 94 but...") -Michael

Hashim said...

Dear Mitch

1. Not doing so well in one class is okay, you have done extremely well in ALL your other classes.

2. Do we get grades on tests that represent our level of understanding the material, not always. I can't remember the number of times that I went to a test so confident and ended up not doing so well.

3. I am not sure if I am supposed to say this, but you got the highest grade in midterm2. The professor will not forget that.

4. In my opinion, you are still the best student in civil engineering at CU. I still can't believe that you will be in my senior design group!

All in all everything is going to okay Mitch!