Monday, May 18, 2009

Pictures from the Farm

All five granddaughters. Landry is 1, Maryn will be 3 in August.
Anna and Maryn cutting flowers with Nona:Anna in a dark purple hat eating breakfast:
Ruthie swinging, Josie's behind her pushing:

More swing fun:

With Ruth Dickinson, an amazing lady, one of the Ruths our Ruthie is named after:

Maryn holding little Miss Wuffie:
Pigtail girl:

Anna and Ella relaxing before bed:
At least Ella knows how to smile for the camera:
Eating ice cream with Grandpa:
Playing on the porch:
And a little video of Josie pushing Ruthie in the swing. She was really swinging herself sometimes!

We had a great time, relaxing and fun. Thanks for a week with no cooking or dishes for me, Judy! It was good to hang out with family and friends. Anna said her favorite thing to see was the hawks. She said "We were walking to the frog pond and I saw a hawk and I was telling Daddy that I saw a hawk and I liked the hawk!" Her favorite activities were swinging on the tire swing and riding the spring horse downstairs in the basement. You should have seen her ride! She said her other favorite thing to do was watch Grandpa mow with Maryn. Her favorite people to see were Nona and Grandpa. Josie said her favorites were all the toys and the horses to ride downstairs. She liked Grandpa and Nona's house. My favorite was Uncle Chad telling the girls the thunder was God rolling potatoes, and then he took them outside and they actually saw the potatoes falling from the sky! These girls will always think that potatoes fall from the sky. The look of amazement and excitement on their faces when they showed me the potatoes they found was priceless. It was also fun just to watch my little girls interacting with their cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends, getting to know them all better. Those are bonds they will have their whole lives.


Chad Clement said...

It was such a fun week. My favorite moments in addition to the potatoes were 1) To see Anna was more afraid of my dogs (although she did get much better) than she was of that four foot black snake, 2) Josie crying emotionally when her daddy cut into that catfish - another animal lover in the family, 3) The happiness on Ruthie's face each time she saw her mom coming to rescue her, 4) Learning all about worm composting and gardening from Mitch and Katie. Enjoyed every minute of it.
By the forgot to tell me that worms escape easily from the compost bin. I came home to over 200 dead on my basement floor the second day. I put screen over the air holes and still have 20 more today. At this rate, it may take me years to create some good soil.

Anonymous said...

What a fun time for you all. Please tell Anna that there are lots of hawks in Ukarumpa. We have some that live on the school grounds and swoop down to get any food the children drop at lunch time.
love you all,
Grandma Jo

akamilby said...

Great pictures Kates! Wow it looks like you all had a lot of fun. I love the video of Josie pushing Ruthie, and herself at the same time. What a helpful cutie pie! I hope you had as much fun as your girls did, because they look like they're having the time of their lives in most of those pictures (breakfast on the front porch in a purple hat--what could be better?). Thanks for posting!

becky said...

Ooh, you all are an awfully cute family - I'm so glad you got some good vacation time. Looks like everyone had a blast! Caroline is looking at these pictures from my lap and pointing out who is in each of the pictures. I guess Holly, the kids and I should have another CO vacation soon, now THAT would be fun ;)

akamilby said...

Oh and by the way Chad, your worm story is very funny! I can just picture worms all over the basement.