Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bathtime for Ruthie

Ruthie can be quite the wormy squirm in the bath and with two other sisters to wash that can be quite a handful. Usually I just give her a shower with me. Today I actually put her in the bath with her sisters and she had quite a ball. Here's a video of her enjoying her bath with her sisters. She was quite sad when I had to take her out.


akamilby said...

Ahhhhh. That's me being jealous of little girlies. They're so sweet. I love seeing Ruth work on holding herself up, and splashing when she goes forward. And I love seeing how Anna helps her, and enjoys holding her. You're a lucky mama, and your sweet girls are a tribute to you Mrs. Clement.

Anonymous said...

Wait, I think my comment didn't publish because Holly was publishing at the same time.
I tried to say Anna that was a good job holding such a squirmy little sister. Tell mommy to get a little pool like Carolines and Jacks so mom can sit in it with Ruthie.
love you,
Grandma Jo

becky said...

Super cute! Anna, you are such a good and STRONG big sister! I love that you have two sisters, just like me! I've always thought that was pretty special.