Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Josie Riding Her Trike

I couldn't help but show you one more video today. Josie riding her trike. She is so proud! Her legs only just got long enough to reach all the way around the pedals and she's been working hard at figuring it all out, coordinating the steering with the pedalling. She really wanted me to show you all. When I showed her the video on the computer she ran right back outside to practice riding some more.


Faith Alterton said...

Hi Katie! Your mom left a link to your blog - love the pictures! It's fun to see life with a bit of pink in it. :)

-Faith Alterton

akamilby said...

Good job Josie Joy! Jack said: she really did good, didn't she mom? We loved the videos, all of them. Wow Josie, you're getting so big. Caroline is still waiting for her feet to reach the pedals when they're at their furthest point. She's hoping to ride like you soon Josie. I love how she talked the whole time, how she went slow the second time so she wouldn't fall. That's a smart girl!

becky said...

Wow, josie! I love your bike riding video - you're getting so big now... maybe we can all go for a ride together sometime.