Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mitch is done!!!


That's what I have to say. The semester is over! Now on to warmer days and a well rested Mitch around more and fully present when he is around. (He did well in his finals in case you were wondering. I wasn't. I already knew. Maybe he was wondering, but I wasn't.) The girls and I made brownies for Mitch to celebrate. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Here's what the girls looked like as I put the brownies in the oven, making silly faces for you:

Now that the greenhouse is gone (it's all been planted) I moved the girl's easel into that space by the window. They have been having fun with crayons, markers, pencils, finger paints and anything else they could find to do art with in the last 24 hours. Josie is very tactile. She wants to touch everything, get her hands dirty with it. Finger paint is wonderful for her (not that Anna doesn't love it too). But the other side of Josie that you might not expect is that she will 'write' for hours and make all sorts of minuscule 'letters' on her paper. Her artwork tends to be small marks, lots of them, with small movements, very fine. Anna, on the other hand, likes to draw big with large gestures. Always in dark purple, of course. My two opposite girls. If they are both coloring on the same paper you can always tell who did what. In this picture Josie is doing her homework (I swear, that's what she told me!) and Anna is drawing purple strawberries:
This is Ruthie playing in the new "Mommy can make dinner without Ruthie screaming the whole time" spot. But what I was the most excited about today was that Ruthie said 'Mama'!!! Twice! When she wanted me to pick her up two different times today! How exciting is that! Here she is playing with toys in her booster chair:


akamilby said...

Three cheers for Mitch being done! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! I'm glad it's the summer break for all of your sakes. Miss Josie Joy has the most beautiful big blue eyes in the brownie picture--wow! She looks a lot like Ruthie in the little picture with the yellow shirt. What cuties you all are. Congratulations on another semester well finished Mitch!

Michelle said...

YAHOOOOOOOOOO, indeed! Well done, Clement tribe! How appropriate that there were brownies and plants in the ground for this wonderful day--just the way that all of you like to celebrate.

April said...

Congratulations on Mitch being done! I remember those days well, it was so nice to have Ron home finally. I have to admit I miss the days between semesters when we had him home ALL the time! It was wonderful, so cherish every second! Love the pics of the girls painting too, sooo adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so glad that the stress is over for another term. Now we will just pray over those interviews. I think that my frig is needing some of that amazing artwork. I don't think I have ever seen a 2 year old write small! That is a 6 year old characteristic. How exciting for Ruthie to say mama and to be happy playing while you work. That is a whole new stage. And saying mama twice and it wasn't just your name, she wanted something - You!!! I'll bet that the easel is now a lot more fun since it is in the middle of things instead of off in the toy room. Keeps them busy while you are busy. Josie is tactile just like you and Becky, my meatloaf girls.
love you, Mom

becky said...

meatloaf girls? i'm not sure how to take that . . .? Couldn't we be your play-in-the-mud girls or baking girls instead?