Saturday, May 23, 2009

Biking Sisters

I still haven't been able to figure out why my girls like to bike as much as they do. It's not like they've been indoctrinated at a young age or anything. Their parents don't like to ride that much, and I can't imagine they would still like the motion of the bike having felt it in the womb as much as they did. But for whatever reason, yesterday Josie was begging for a ride in the bike cart. Ruthie is still too young to bike so I couldn't pull Josie around since Ruthie and I are attached at the hip these days. But Anna came to the rescue and offered to give Josie a ride. Here's some photos and a video of them riding around the courtyard.

Then a little later on they had all their 'dirt toys' out and were cooking. I couldn't hear what they were making and I didn't want to interrupt their imaginations by going any closer. I just took the picture on the sly. It's not the same if they know someone's watching. But they played together making different culinary concoctions for quite a while in their 'kitchen'.

This weekend promises to be full of gardening for the Clement family. We're getting our tomatoes and bell peppers in the ground after double digging that part of the garden this morning. I even got to do some double digging! Ruthie was awake and content with Mitch for a while. And then we'll be planting our 'Three Sisters' garden. That's what we've named our second garden plot. The three sisters are (besides our three little ones) corn, beans and squash, which grow quite happily together and benefit/complement each other in a lot of ways. In the middle of that plot we have also planted a Sunflower House-Sunflowers will grow up intertwined with Morning Glory flowers to form the walls and ceiling of the girls' playhouse. We'll have to share pictures as it grows. We're quite excited to see how that one comes out. Right now I finally have three little ones asleep, Mitch is working out in the garden some more, and I'm going to work on the pants I am trying to sew for myself. Sabbath peace to you!

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