Monday, March 9, 2009

A Plant Between Your Toes?

We were camping last summer in northern Colorado and were spending some time along a creek digging our toes into the mud. I made a comment to Anna along the lines of, "What happens if a plant grows in the dirt between your toes?" and thus began my career as silly song writer for kids (so far limited to this moment of inspiration). By the time we had returned to the car this song had been born. Katie and my mom have been trying for a while to get me to post a video of it. I have to apologize that the video does not quite display the enthusiasm the song deserves (the song is typically performed with much more exuberance in our household), but it is all we have for now.


akamilby said...

Hahaha. I can't wait until the kids wake up so I can play this for them. Thanks for the post!

akamilby said...

Me da mucho gusto ver que todos estan bien en la familia de los Clements. Holly me dejo mirar tu nueva creacion en la computadora.


katie said...

Hi Lupe! I miss you! Glad you liked our little blog. It's one way to stay in touch with all of you so far away.