Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Jack and Caroline

The dialogue, if it's hard to understand, is "Thank you for the bear puzzle! Thank you for the playdough! And we're coming in our boxes to visit you!" They loved the package you sent and how you colored it all. Did you notice how they colored their boxes, just like you did?

Here they are playing with the puzzle you sent

And here they are playing in the box again. They wanted me to tape the boxes shut so they could mail themselves to your house and come and visit you!

Here's Boulder weather for you. Barefoot playing in the sun yesterday, coats and cozy mittens today. 19 degrees out.


akamilby said...

Anna and Josie I love you and hi bye.I liked your video. Bye. And you did that not a box one. Nothing. From Jack.

akamilby said...

I liked your pictures. So did Jack. We are going to make cupcakes today. It might be dark at Grandma Jo's house. And for Josie Joy.
From Caroline.

akamilby said...

we have one puzzle like them . . . we have a bear puzzle.
--Jack and Caroline

Anonymous said...

Okay, this is a test to see if it will let me post a comment as anonymous. I love the picture of the girls in the boxes. Would you please mail them to PNG? I promise to take good care of them. There is plenty of mud to play in and huge grassy lawns. Probably not as good a place to ride bikes, though.
love you,

Hashim said...

The second photo is awesome!