Friday, March 20, 2009

Fingerpainting Fun

Here's a few pictures from our day yesterday:

Here's Anna enjoying the feel of gooey fingerpaint on her hands making a three year old creation.

Here she is again joined by Josie and our neighbor, Sophie June.

Then the sidewalk chalk got pulled out. I'm not sure what was more covered in chalk by the end, the girls or the sidewalk.

This is my favorite, Josie helping me water the garden. We've got onions, spinach, lettuce, chard and kale all coming up on the warm south side of our building along with our herbs that made it through the winter.

What is this? Was this the most comfortable position for a nap for Anna? I guess she must have thought so since she slept the whole time like that.


Hashim said...

Josie's picture (2nd to last) is so precious!

akamilby said...

That looks like two little girls having a bundle of fun!