Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Afternoon's Activities

This day was not off to a good start when I was awakened at 2 in the morning by Josie puking all over me, a scenario which was repeated every 30 minutes for the next 8 hours. Poor girl. You feel so bad when your little ones are sick. They look at you with their sad, tired eyes and ask you to make it better and you want to but you can't, and they don't understand why you can't. But then Josie was finally able to get to sleep for a while and when she woke up she was much perkier and wasn't losing all the water she was trying to drink. By the afternoon it felt like there was a little more order and activity to our day. We were able to plant some seeds in seed flats (which, if you haven't figured us out yet, means we were engaged in one of our favorite activities!). Here Anna and Mitch are planting the lupine seeds that she chose at the store in a seed flat made from an egg carton:

Anna and Josie had fun painting with watercolors:

And then by dinner time all Josie's energy from her nap was gone and she just wanted to be held, along with Ruthie who was taking a nap on my back.


Anonymous said...

So sad that Josie was sick. Looks like your day ended better than it began. I will be praying that the rest of you don't get whatever she had. What a cute snuggly picture. Snuggle, snuggle, rock, rock, Josie and her mama, snuggling each other all the day long.
love you,
Grandma Jo
Now to capture the gecko in my bedroom!

akamilby said...

Oh I'm so sorry Josie was sick. I can't imagine taking care of all the girls when one is sick. I'm glad Mitch was home to help! I hope you all feel better today. The one thing that I appreciate about sick kids is the extra cuddle time. Enjoy the snuggles, and I hope all the rest of you stay well.
Jack says: "we have to pray for Josie Joy. Mom are you writing: Josie Joy feel better? Write that Mom."

Anonymous said...

What sweet concern from Jack for Josie. What a delight for me to see a part of your day and to know better how to pray for you. I did capture the gecko and after months inside, it is now living outside. I am not listed as a blog follower, but just know that I am checking this spot everyday.
love you, Mom