Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dirt Bath

Anna and Josie decided that today was the perfect day for a dirt bath. Actually, they were making salad and soup and Anna was harvesting vegetables from her garden to put into her 'fresh salad'. At the end of their playtime you couldn't tell what color Anna's pants were supposed to be. Ruthie had fun watching her big sisters and chewing on her rattle. She's getting better at holding onto things these days and actually reaches for things she sees. The warm, sunny, south side of our building is the best for spring-time fun.


akamilby said...

Love it! Thanks for posting Kates. You have the most darling girls ever. What are they playing in, a bird bath? Josie is getting so big--you can see the perspective next to Anna. I miss you guy!

April said...

Hi Katie! I found your blog through Tracy. Your girls are getting so big! They are just gorgeous, wow. This is the first pic I've seen of Ruthie, what a cutie pie! It's great to "see" you guys!

katie said...

Yeah, it's a bird bath some neighbors left behind when they moved out. And you are right, Josie seems big to me, too. She's a lot taller in the last month.
April, I'm glad you found us! I checked out your blog, too!